Aestimatio 1 (Old Series)


ISSN 1549–4497 (online)
ISSN 1549–4470 (print)

Alan C. Bowen and Tracey E. Rihll

Aestimatio os 1 (2004) complete

John M. Steele

Lengths, Widths, Surfaces: A Portrait of Old Babylonian Algebra and Its Kin by Jens Høyrup

Glen M. Cooper

Alhacen’s Theory of Visual Perception: A Critical Edition, with English Translation and Commentary, of the First Three Books of Alhacen’s De Aspectibus, the Medieval Latin Version of Ibn al-Haytham’s Kitab al-Manazir by A. Mark Smith

Mauro Zonta

Maimonides: On Asthma. A Parallel Arabic-English Text by Gerrit Bos

Serafina Cuomo

Fibonacci’s Liber Abaci: A Translation into English of Leonardo Pisano’s Book of Calculation by Laurence E. Sigler

Robert G. Morrison

The Enterprise of Science in Islam by Jan P. Hogendijk and A. I. Sabra edd.

Tracey E. Rihll

Greek Science of the Hellenistic Era: A Sourcebook by Georgia L. Irby-Massie and Paul T. Keyser

Mauro Zonta

Les méthodes de travail de Gersonide et le maniement du savoir chez les scholastiques by Colette Sirat, Sara Klein-Braslavy, and Olga Weijers edd.

Ruth Glasner

Averroës: Middle Commentary on Aristotle’s De anima. A Critical Edition of the Arabic Text with English Translation, Notes, and Introduction by Alfred L. Ivry

Paul T. Keyser

The Way and the Word: Science and Medicine in Early China and Greeceby Geoffrey Lloyd and Nathan Sivin

Eleanor Robson

Ägyptische Algorithmen: eine Untersuchung zu den mittelägyptischen mathematischen Aufgabentexten by Annette Imhausen

Daniel W. Graham

Heraclitus: Greek Text with a Short Commentary by Miroslav Marcovich

Emilia Calvo

Astronomy in the Iberian Peninsula: Abraham Zacut and the Transition from Manuscript to Print by José Chabás and Bernard R. Goldstein

James T. Robinson

Religious Confessions and the Sciences in the Sixteenth Century by Jürgen Helm and Annette Winkelmann edd.

Joshua J. Reynolds

Inference from Signs: Ancient Debates about the Nature of Evidence by James Allen

Paolo Palmieri

Isaac Newton’s Natural Philosophy by J. Z. Buchwald and I. B. Cohen edd.

Bernard R. Goldstein

Babylonian Eclipse Observations from 750 BC to 1 BC by Peter J. Huber and Salvo De Meis

Fabio Acerbi

De rebus nauticus: L’arte della navigazione nel mondo antico by Stefano Medas

Robert Hannah

Ancestor of the West: Writing, Reasoning, and Religion in Mesopotamia, Elam, and Greece by Jean Bottéro, Clarisse Herrenschmidt, and Jean-Pierre Vernant

James G. Lennox

Aristoteles chemicus: Il IV libro dei ’Meteorologica’ nella tradizione antica e medievale by Cristina Viano

Nathan Sidoli

The Works of Archimedes: Volume I. The Two Books on the Sphere and the Cylinder by Reviel Netz

Hermann Hunger

The Heavenly Writing: Divination, Horoscopy, and Astronomy in Mesopotamian Culture by Francesca Rochberg

Teun Tieleman

Routledge History of Philosophy: II. From Aristotle to Augustine by David Furley ed.


Books Received 2004