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Aestimatio (new series) focuses on the history of science from antiquity to the early modern period. This chronological span is complemented by a geo-cultural one that takes into account cultures in Eurasia and Africa, recognizing that the spread of the traditions of knowledge and of ideas is a unifying characteristic of the chronological and geo-cultural scope of science in the Old World before the modern era.

In Aestimatio, we take science broadly to include the goals, methods, knowledge, objects, and practices in what is presented as science in the historical sources. Accordingly, this new series of Aestimatio aims to make fundamental texts and ideas in the history of science accessible to readers today through the publication of original research. It will also include assessments of books recently published that allow reviewers to engage critically with the methods and results of current research. On occasion, there will be guest-edited thematic issues and supplementary volumes.

Publication and Distribution

Aestimatio is owned and published by the Institute for Research in Classical Philosophy and Science ( 

Just as volumes in the old series, issues and volumes in Aestimatio new series  will be openly accessible from the date of their publication.

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Copyright and License

Contributors to Aestimatio retain copyright for their work. All authors of work to be published in Aestimatio are required to grant a limited exclusive license for publication to the IRCPS, in which they agree not to publish their submissions elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without the consent of the IRCPS and without acknowledgment of the work’s original publication in Aestimatio, for a period of one year after the date of its original publication.

Aestimatio (old and new series) is distributed  under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). For details, see

Guidelines for Contributors

We encourage prospective contributors to consult our Guidelines for Book Reviewers and our Style-Guide for All Contributors for information on the preparation and submission of articles and reviews to Aestimatio.
Please send submissions to the Editors (Alan Bowen and Francesca Rochberg).

Book Review Policy

Though many of the reviews published in Aestimatio will be solicited by special invitation, anyone wishing to volunteer to write a review is invited to send an email message to the Book Review Editor, Stamatina Mastorakou, listing the title and author of the book proposed, along with a brief indication of his or her qualifications to undertake the review.

Book Submission

Publishers are invited to send books for review in Aestimatio to:
Dr Stamatina Mastorakou
Book Review Editor, Aestimatio
Rigistrasse 4
8006 Zurich 

There are no processing or publication fees charged by the IRCPS to authors whose work appears in Aestimatio. The only fees will be those charged directly to the author by others in securing permissions.

All  articles and discussions submitted to Aestimatio are subject to single-blind peer review; all reviews of books,  to Editorial review. The Editors reserve the right to decline to publish items submitted to Aestimatio.