Aestimatio 5 (old series)


ISSN 1549–4497 (online)
ISSN 1549–4470 (print)

Alan C. Bowen and Tracey E. Rihll edd.

Aestimatio os 5 (2008) complete

Claudio Schiano

Two Hippocratic Treatises, On Sight and On Anatomy, Edited and Translated with Introduction and Commentary by Elizabeth M. Craik

William E. Hutton

Following Pausanias: The Quest for Greek Antiquity by Maria Georgopoulou, Céline Guilmet, Yanis Pikoulas, Konstantinos Staikos, and George Tolias edd. by Deborah Kazazi trans.

Jacco Dieleman

Through a Glass Darkly: Magic, Dreams and Prophecy in Ancient Egypt by Kasia Szpakowska ed.

Duncan J. Melville

Tablettes mathématiques de Nippur by Christine Proust

Donald Beaver

A Culture of Improvement: Technology and the Western Millennium by Robert Friedel

Alison Laywine

Harmonious Triads: Physicists, Musicians, and Instrument Makers in Nineteenth-Century Germany by Myles W. Jackson

Annette Imhausen

History of Science, History of Text by Karine Chemla ed.

Massimo Raffa

The Science of Harmonics in Classical Greece by Andrew Barker

Peter Machamer

Mechanics from Aristotle to Einstein by Michael J. Crowe

Scott Mandelbrote

Before Darwin: Reconciling God and Nature by Keith Thomson

Indra Kagis McEwen

The Symbol at Your Door: Number and Geometry in Religious Architecture in the Greek and Latin Middle Ages by Nigel Hiscock

Joseph Ziegler

La scuola medica Salernitana: Gli autori e i testi by Danielle Jacquart and Agostino Paravicini Bagliani edd.

T. E. Rihll

The Oxford Handbook of Engineering and Technology in the Classical World by J. P. Oleson ed.

Serafina Cuomo

The Catapult: A History by Tracey Rihll

Nathan Sidoli

Unexpected Links between Egyptian and Babylonian Mathematics and Amazing Traces of a Babylonian Origin in Greek Mathematics by Jöran Friberg

Bruce Stephenson

The Astrolabe by James E. Morrison

Sabine Rommevaux

Fibonacci’s De practica geometrie by Barnabas Hughes ed.and trans.

Andrea Bréard

Naturwissenschaften im Kulturvergleich: Europa-Islam-China by Karl Wulff

Nigel Hiscock

A Response to McEwen on Hiscock, The Symbol at Your Door

Lesley B. Cormack

The Cosmographia of Sebastian Münster: Describing the World in the Reformation by Matthew McLean

John Dillon

A Platonic Pythagoras: Platonism and Pythagoreanism in the Imperial Ageby Mauro Bonazzi, Carlos Lévy, and Carlos Steel edd.

Stefan Pedersen

Astronomy,Weather, and Calendars in the Ancient World: Parapegmata and Related Texts in Classical and Near Eastern Societies by Daryn Lehoux

Daniel W. Graham

Ancient Greek Cosmogony by Andrew Gregory

John T. Young

Andreas Libavius and the Transformation of Alchemy: Separating Chemical Cultures with Polemical Fire by Bruce T. Mora

Tracey E. Rihll

The Chrysokamino Metallurgy Workshop and Its Territory by Philip P. Betancourt

Rémi Franckowiak

Alchimie et paracelsisme en France à la fin de la Renaissance (1567-1625) by Didier Kahn

Stamatina Mastorakou

Archimedes and the Roman Imagination by Mary Jaeger

Patrice Guinard

Astrologia. Opere a stampa (1472-1900) by Leandro Cantamessa

Robert B. Todd

Philosophy and Exegesis in Simplicius: The Methodology of a Commentator by Han Baltussen

Kevin van Bladel

Seeing the Face, Seeing the Soul: Polemon’s Physiognomy from Classical Antiquity to Medieval Islam by Simon Swain ed.

Michael Squire

Ekphrasis, Imagination and Persuasion in Ancient Rhetorical Theory and Practice by Ruth Webb

Joel T. Walker

The Occult Sciences in Byzantium by Paul Magdalino and Maria Mavroudi edd.


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