Aestimatio 7(old series)


ISSN 1549–4497 (online)
ISSN 1549–4470 (print)

Alan C. Bowen and Tracey E. Rihll edd.

Aestimatio os 7 (2010) complete

Clemency Montelle and Kathleen M. Clark

The Mathematics of the Heavens and the Earth: The Early History of Trigonometry by Glen van Brummelen

Sara J. Schechner

Eastern Astrolabes by David Pingree

Florian Mittenhuber

La Géographie de Ptolémée en occident (IVe-XVIe siècle) by Patrick Gautier Dalché

Richard Oosterhoff

The Mirror, the Window, and the Telescope: How Renaissance Linear Perspective Changed Our Vision of the Universe by Samuel Y. Edgerto

Silvia Di Donato

In the Age of al-Fārābī: Arabic Philosophy in the Fourth/Tenth Centuryby Peter Adamson ed.

Sabetai Unguru

Apollonius de Perge, Coniques. Tome 2.2: Livre IV. Commentaire historique et mathématique, édition et traduction du texte by Roshdi Rashed

Teun Tieleman

Alexander Aphrodisiensis, De anima libri mantissa: A New Edition of the Greek Text with Introduction and Commentary by Robert W. Sharples ed.

John Hannah

Mathematics in India by Kim Plofker

J. Lennart Berggren

Omar al-Khayyam, Algebra wa al-Muqabala: An Essay by the Uniquely Wise ‘Abel Fath Omar bin al-Khayyam on Algebra and Equations by Roshdi Khalil trans.

Steffen Ducheyne

Reenacting Galileo’s Experiments: Rediscovering the Techniques of Seventeenth-Century Science by Paolo Palmieri

Steven J. Livesey

Science Translated: Latin and Vernacular Translations of Scientific Treatises in Medieval Europe by Michèle Goyens, Pieter De Leemans, and An Smets edd.

Cecilia Trifogli

Averroes’ Physics: A Turning Point in Medieval Natural Philosophy by Ruth Glasner

Angelo Meriani

Le parole delle Muse: La formazione del lessico tecnico musicale nella Grecia antica by Eleonora Rocconi

Stephan Heilen

Anubio Reconsidered

Stephen Menn

In memoriam Ian Mueller (1938–2010)

Gad Freudenthal

A Response to Trifogli on Glasner, Averroes’ Physics

Paul T. Keyser

The Alchemy of Glass: Counterfeit, Imitation, and Transmutation in Ancient Glassmaking by Marco Beretta

Teije de Jong

In memoriam John Phillips Britton (6 December 1939 – 8 June 2010)


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