Aestimatio 10 (old series)


ISSN 1549–4497 (online)
ISSN 1549–4470 (print)

Alan C. Bowen and Tracey E. Rihll edd.

Aestimatio os 10 (2013) complete

Max Lejbowicz and Sonja Brentjes

Cross-Cultural Scientific Exchanges in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1560–1660 by Avner Ben-Zaken

Stefan Hagel

A Response to Laywine on Hagel, Ancient Greek Music

Fabio Acerbi

The Archimedes Palimpsest by Reviel Netz, William Noel, Natalie Tchernetska, and Nigel Wilson edd.

Lesley B. Cormack

Fra Mauro’s Mappa Mundi and Fifteenth-Century Venice by Angelo Cattaneo

David J. Davis

The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution by James Hannam

Kim Plofker

A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact by George Gheverghese Joseph

John M. Steele

Ancient Babylonian Medicine: Theory and Practice by Markham J. Geller

Reviel Netz

A Response to Acerbi on Netz, Noel, Tchernetska, and Wilson edd. The Archimedes Palimpsest

Lucio Pepe

Aristoteles, Meteorologica: Liber quartus. Translatio Henrici Aristippi by Elisa Rubino

Antonio Ricciardetto

Anonymus Londiniensis. De medicina by Daniela Manetti

Glen Van Brummelen

Chasing Shadows: Mathematics, Astronomy, and the Early History of Eclipse Reckoning by Clemency Montelle

José Chabás

Πτολεμαίου Πρόχειροι Κανόνεϲ. Les «Tables Faciles» de Ptolémée/Ptolemy’s Handy Tables. Tables A1–A2 by Anne Tihon and Raymond Mercier

Patrice Guinard

Nostradamus, une médecine des âmes à la Renaissance by Denis Crouzet

Sonja Brentjes

1001 Inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization by Salim T. S. al-Hassani ed.

Dirk Baltzly

The Teachings of Syrianus on Plato’s Timaeus and Parmenides by Sarah Klitenic Wear

Sylvia Berryman

Aristotelianism in the First Century BCE: Xenarchus of Seleucia by Andrea Falcon

Mark Riley

Forgotten Stars: Rediscovering Manilius’ Astronomica by Steven J. Green and Katharina Volk edd.

Cristina Viano

Pseudo-Democrito. Scritti alchemici con il commentario di Sinesio. Edizione critica del testo greco, traduzione e commento by Matteo Martelli

Walter Leszl

Jonathan Barnes et al., Eleatica 2008. Zenone e l’infinito by Livio Rossetti and Massimo Pulpito edd.

C. Philipp E. Nothaft

Salamanca y la medida del tiempo by Ana María Carabias Torres

Claudio Schiano

Galen: On Problematical Movements. Edited with Introduction and Commentary (with an Edition of the Arabic Version by Gerrit Bos) by Vivian Nutton

Tiberiu Popa

Teleology, First Principles, and Scientific Method in Aristotle’s Biology by Allan Gotthelf

Aldo Setaioli

Seneca e le scienze naturali by Marco Beretta, Francesco Citti, and Lucia Pasetti edd.

Ana María Carabias Torres

A Response to Nothaft on Carabias Torres, Salamanca y la medida del tiempo

Dorinda Outram

Measuring the New World: Enlightenment Science and South America by Neil Safier

André Goddu

A Response to Peter Barker and Matjaž Vesel, ‘Goddu’s Copernicus’

Matteo Valleriani

Scienza antica in età moderna. Teoria e immagini by Vanna Maraglino ed.

Dominic O’Meara

Domninus of Larissa, Encheiridion and Spurious Works. Introduction, Critical Text, English Translation, and Commentary by Peter Riedlberger

Scott Hyslop

Thomas Harriot and His World: Mathematics, Exploration, and Natural Philosophy in Early Modern England by Robert Fox ed.

Sarah Gwyneth Ross

Communities of Learned Experience: Epistolary Medicine in the Renaissance by Nancy G. Siraisi

Laura Ackerman Smoller

Médicine, astrologie et magie entre Moyen Âge et Renaissance: autour de Pietro d’Abano by Jean-Patrice Boudet, Franck Collard, and Nicolas Weill-Parot edd.

Richard J. Oosterhoff

Pluralité de l’algèbre à la Renaissance by Sabine Rommevaux, Maryvonne Spiesser, and Maria Rosa Massa Esteve edd.

Sean Cocco

Ignis sacer. Una storia culturale del ‘fuoco sacro’ dall’antichità al Settecento by Alessandra Foscati

Jacqueline Feke

Writing Science: Medical and Mathematical Authorship in Ancient Greeceby Markus Asper ed. with Anna-Maria Kanthak

James G. Lennox

In memoriam Allan Gotthelf (30 December 1942 – 30 August 2013)

Joëlle Delattre Biencourt

Teone di Smirne. Expositio rerum mathematicarum ad legendum Platonem utilium. Introduzione, traduzione, commento by Federico Petrucci


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